Center for Leadership Studies

Anglo-Amerayrican University is pleased to announce the establishment of the Center for Leadership Studies which will produce a highly trained and motivated cadre of university students and young graduates to serve their organizations and communities through leadership formation, academic rigor, technological competence, global awareness, research orientation, and effective decision-making skills through evidence-based practice.  Professor Ray Smith PhD has been selected as the first director of the Center for Leadership Studies. Dr. Smith has many years’ experience teaching organizational leadership in the United States as well as various countries in Europe. Dr. Smith has been an active part of the AAU academic community for over eight years.

The Center for Leadership Studies will develop and direct symposia, host research seminars, and provide teaching, training and research in the emerging areas of leadership studies in the context of eastern/central Europe. The primary focus of the Center will involve students as they are prepare to make a positive difference addressing local, national, regional and international challenges through the analysis and application of current and developing knowledge in the field of leadership studies.

The Center for Leadership Studies is an integral part of the University and supports its mission, vision and values as it aspires to be a leading university in the Czech Republic recognized for innovation and quality in teaching with a commitment to societal excellence in a globalized world.