Peter Bolcha, Ph.D.

Works on projects connected with applied econometrics and industrial organization. Next to academic publications, Peter took part on projects assigned by Czech Ministry of Trade and corporations as Czech Railways and RWE.

David Dolejší, M.Sc.

David's research is focused on the economic history of Central Europe. Particularly, he applies economic methods to study the development and role of pre-modern institutions.

Prof. Eva Eckert

Prof. Eckert´s research and publication activity is focused on migration, minority and immigrant languages and language planning in relation to Romani. Prof. Eckert is a Editor in Chief of our Working Papers.

Assoc. Prof. Irena Jindřichovská

Irena´s research is connected to market-based accounting, financial derivatives and financial statement analysis. Her academic interests also include corporate financing decisions and corporate governance in transitional countries.

David Lipka, Ph.D.

David works on Smithian political economy, institutional change, economics and
ethics, and philosophy of economics.
Pavla Nikolovová, M.A., M.Sc.

Pavla's research is focused on issues related to FDI and international trade and consists both of applied and theoretical work. Aside from academic publications she worked on projects assigned by the World Bank, Ministry of Education and corporations, pe. RWE.
Pietro Andrea Podda, Ph.D.

Pier Andrea works on projects related to FDI to the Czech Republic, especially looking at the role played by Institutions. His research interests encompass also other areas, like Competition Law, International Trade Law and Economic Consequences of Corruption.
Christopher Shallow, M.Sc.

Works on projects applying marketing theory to practice in the fields of branding and marketing strategy especially involving marketing research and marketing communications.
Katarína Stehlíková, Ph.D.

Katarina’s research is focused on economics of non-profit organizations, Corporate Social Responsibility, charitable giving, employee loyalty, theory of incentives and contracts.

Dr. Teresa M. Tipton

Dr. Tipton’s research focuses on the communicative dimensions of contemporary visuality in the development of social knowledge cross-culturally; mass media and identity; and reforming cultural policy and educational pedagogies through visual knowledge. In 2013, she was named in Intellect’s (UK) Who’s Who in Research in the Visual Arts.

Mário Vozár, Ph.D.

Mario works as a Senior economist in the Czech National Bank, where he is responsible for GDP near term forecast. Next to this field, his research is also focused on micro level analysis of match separation determinants. In addition, he has experience with business consulting projects with top firms and institutions.

Our mission is to provide interface between academia and the rest of the world. Our teams vary depending on the project at hand and often include AAU students as well as members of other universities. Our selected researchers are shown above (in alphabetical order).