Proudly listed below are testimonials from our top partners and students. We are grateful to partners for their trust as well as the excellent leadership they provided in cooperation with the reputable companies they represent. Similarly , we are grateful to our students for their enthusiasm and energy they invest in the projects. Without partners and students like them, our Center would never have left its infancy. Testimonials are listed alphabetically.

“I especially appreciate the diverse and open atmosphere aEchart-Baum 2 you should have this in better quality by Nickt AAU, not only from the students’ side but also from the faculty. The energy world is changing, and this change needs to start with our mindset. Bringing the academic and business spheres together is one step along the path to creating new ideas for the future and applying them to ‘real’ world situations.”

Eckart Baum, Director at E.ON Czech Republic

“Euro Jet welcomed the opportunity to cooperate with AAU. Students who participated in our project generated many new ideas relevant to the dynamic development of our buBodnar_ Profilovka (683x1024)siness. Euro Jet cooperated with AAU on both student and research projects that AAU offers. These projects have been mutually beneficial. How did we benefit from this cooperation? We gained new, fresh insight, received analyses that were professionally prepared and our meetings with AAU were always efficient and fruitful. AAU students have not only shown great enthusiasm but alsoknowledge that they were able to apply to real business situations. Regarding quality, their findings and results can be compared to top consulting companies. Overall, I am pleased to say that the benefits of cooperation with AAU exceeded our costs and we look forward to further cooperation with AAU. They definitely deserve our recommendation.”

Charlie Bodnar, CEO at Euro Jet Intercontinental

“My team participated in the class wide marketing competition with Luka KoperFullSizeRender-4, a port logistics company based in Slovenia.  Our task was to come up with a strategy of how Luka Koper could increase market share in the Czech Republic.  Winning the competition provided me with an invaluable experience to talk about with family, friends, and in interviewing for potential internships back home. It was a great way to connect with CEA classmates, other international students at AAU, and become more familiar with relevant matters in an international market.”

Chelsea Brady, University of San Diego

“It has been inspiring to see young minds contributing theiAnnabelle-Diamantino-this is Nicks photo - should be also in better qualityr creative ideas to enhance market adoption of our innovative recruitment solution. The AAU students we worked with were enthusiastic and eager to gain experience and knowledge. AAU is clearly focused on ensuring that their internship program is beneficial for all parties, which positively impacts the success of the cooperation.”

Annabelle Diamantino, Co-Founder & CEO at Video Recruit

“I am not surprised to hear about the fruitful outcomes of our company’s cooperation OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwith AAU, since I could see the professional attitude towards the agreed-upon project immediately after our first meeting. All main guidelines from our side were taken into consideration when preparing the agenda, which was highly appreciated. AAU’s expertise and openness for our company’s needs were factors that will certainly lead to further cooperation.”

Tina Jan, Executive manager at LISCA

“I really appreciate the fresh ideas and passion the AAU students brought to the table during several projects we worked on (both a marketing study as well as a statistical analysis of network leaks). Students were able ask the right questions that went to the heart of our company and provided us with differeZdenek Kaplan fot (2500x1669)nt views how to improve our daily business. The supervision of AAU professors during the projects ensured the most up-to-date methods and theoretical background were utilized and transferred. Personally, I very much appreciate the “price to value” aspect these projects offer, which is one of the highest I have ever seen regarding these type of ventures.”

Zdeněk Kaplan, CEO at RWE Energo

“During my studies at Anglo-American University, I took part in a lot of academic projects introduced by Center for Applied Research. These projects include but not limited to 542750_529799983697315_1556567195_n-720x350 (2)Introduction to Econometrics,  The Summer International Consulting  Practicum with EuroJet, The Bachelor Thesis for RWE GasNet in my capstone class, Strategic Marketing Planning. At the end of each project, I always got to take something home either prize money or a certificate of successful completion, but most importantly the experience and knowledge gained during the project. Each project is a unique learning experience, in which I was exposed to different kinds of challenging but interesting questions and gained valuable skills in the process of finding the answer to them. The efforts that I put into these projects have definitely paid off because thanks to them I landed an interesting job at a leading technology company and was admitted into a prestigious graduate program.  With that being said, I would highly recommend students to take part in the projects that CAR brings to the classroom and to try their best in successfully completing them.”

Nam Ba Nguyen,  Anglo-American University